3 Secrets so You Can Reliably Access Your Intuition and Elevate Your Luck

Intuition saves someone from an explosion!

In a moment, the lamp would explode. The little seven-year-old girl didn’t know that, but she felt something in her chest. It told her, “Get out of here!” So, she ran from the kitchen to the patio.

In the next moments, the explosion of the camping lamp caused a fire in the kitchen which sent her brother, with third-degree burns, to the hospital.

As a seven-year-old, she found that her thoughts didn’t count to her family. She only received a message in a brief time before the explosion. She didn’t know what was going to happen. She only received a cryptic warning.

This was the experience of a friend of mine. Decades later, she looked on that instant as a moment when her intuition had warned her.

Here are three insights:

1. Find out where in your body your intuition speaks to you.

My friend found that her intuition speaks to her in a particular location in her chest. Many of us feel our intuition talk to us in our gut. Others notice that they feel tension in their shoulders or neck.

How can you reliably access our intuition? An important step is to locate, in your body, where your intuitive impressions show up.

Where do you feel the intuitive impressions in your body?

When you understand exactly how your body interfaces with your intuition, you have more opportunities. You can benefit from the warnings or even the positive invitations that your intuition can give you.

2. Provide your intuition enough time to speak to you.

Do you deal with situations that require you to bring creative solutions?

I relate to this because I’m involved in many creative projects: Feature films, my novels and nonfiction books, book covers, online courses and more.

Have you found yourself wanting an immediate intuitive impression? Do you want an intuitive answer now?

Perhaps, you noticed that your intuitive impression just shows up “when it wants to.”

Make sure to take a break or go for a walk or get an nap or night’s sleep — so you can come back and look at a situation with fresh eyes.

How will you take a break and give time for your intuitive impressions to show up?

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Have your intuition elevate your luck. See Tom’s online course “Darkest Secrets to Improve Your Luck: How You Can Overcome Limits…” (Tom Marcoux enjoys visiting the Space Shuttle — celebrating that human beings can do amazing things.)

3. Design your life so that you allow intuition to elevate your luck.

I’ve learned that intuition operates like a friend. If your friend offers you some guidance and you take action with it, your friend will more likely offer you more guidance.

Intuition can be like a friend who does not tell you the whole story. Your intuition will tell you what Steps 1, 2, and 3 are. Still, you really want to know the whole journey up to Step 20. But once you arrive on Step 3, then your intuition reveals Steps 4, 5, and 6. It just keeps on flowing along. It’s as if you’re climbing up a mountain. The higher you rise, the more you can see.

The connection of your intuition to luck exists in choosing the places where you can be lucky.

Do you rely on intuition to guide you to make decisions that put you in the right place for a lucky break?

Recently, I have pulled together so many insights that I’ve learned about luck from my mentors and life experiences directing feature films and traveling the world, speaking to various audiences. Additionally, I added material that is timeless wisdom plus scientific observations into an online course called Darkest Secrets to Improve Your Luck.

To really improve your luck, warm up your relationships.

I noticed that to really improve your luck you need to warm up your relationships. Then, people want to see you win, and they want to offer you more opportunities.

Here’s where intuition comes into this process. Your intuition can guide your decisions.

Your intuition can guide you as to when to call a new friend or contact. I made sure to include in my online course topics: “Make Great Decisions When Under Risk” and “Secret of Success: Your Art of Asking” — and much more.

With warm relationships, you experience great luck.

When you make time and space for your intuition to communicate with you, you open the door to truly improving your luck.

Many great moments to you.

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