Give Your Best Speech or Pitch – Do Better than Rehearse!

"Rehearse Recovery Methods," says Tom Marcoux, Pitch Coach and Spoken Word Strategist
“Rehearse Recovery Methods,” says Tom Marcoux, Pitch Coach and Spoken Word Strategist

“It’s the most important speech of my life so far,” my client Theresa said. “I know I’ve got to rehearse,” she continued.

“You need more than simple rehearsal. You need what I call Double Power,” I replied.

Double Power so You Shine as You Speak:

  • Rehearse Recovery Methods
  • Rehearse with a skilled Coach


  1. Rehearse Recovery Methods

In some of my current writing, I use the structure of “Lie, Countermeasure, Secret” to briefly get across vital information.

For example:

Lie: Just rehearsing the lines of a speech over and over will give you confidence.

Countermeasure: Rehearse Recovery Methods

Secret: Your nervousness quiets down and your confidence goes up when you’re certain that you’re ready to adapt to mistakes and problems during a speech.

What’s the big fear that a speaker has? Having one’s mind go blank!

Here are Three Recovery Methods:

  • Practice Phrases to Buy You Time

For example, at IBM while I was giving a speech, I said, “I’ll need to pause for a moment. My brain needs more RAM.” The tech people in the audience really enjoyed laughing at that comment.

  • Say, “At this moment, I want to emphasize—”

If you lose your place, you can go back to the topic of your speech, and say, “At this moment, I want to emphasize—” This phrase works in two ways: 1) If you’re repeating yourself, this is no problem and 2) If you’re saying a detail for the first time, the phrase also works.

  • Take a drink of water

Taking a drink of water is a classic way to give yourself some time to organize your thoughts.


2. Rehearse with a skilled Coach

A skilled Coach will hear what is authentic in you and point it out. My training as a professional speaker (over 15 years, a professional member of the National Speakers Association) and as a trained actor/feature film director/screenwriter, makes me alert to when a speaker is “in the zone.” That’s when you shine at your best.

Here’s the secret about rehearsing with a skilled Pitch/Speech Coach:

The Coach hears your best phrases and points them out to you. Then your speech is tailored to your uniqueness and authenticity. You then have an edge in giving the pitch or speech.



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