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Tom Marcoux address Stanford University PhDs and PhD-candidates on his topic "Soar with Confidence"
Tom Marcoux address Stanford University PhDs and PhD-candidates on his topic “Soar with Confidence”

Frank, a venture capitalist, said, “You’re right, Tom. That’s the missing part of pitching.”

I smiled and elaborated on my point, “It’s all about trust. And at this secret pitching event with Silicon Valley investors, I was stunned at the mistakes the people pitching were making. I took notes. They just talked ‘at’ the investors. They didn’t build trust; they didn’t have a dialogue.”

“They just want to talk. They don’t want to have a dialogue,” Frank concluded.

I took my notes and wrote the book, Darkest Secrets of Making a Pitch for Film and Television: How You Can Get a Studio Executive, Producer, Name Actor or Private Investor to Say “Yes” to Your Project (look inside this book when you CLICK HERE).

With my clients, I have them prepare for 10 Worst Questions You Don’t Want to Answer.

Here’s the point (connected to Your Subconscious Mind):

You need to prepare so well that you KNOW you can adapt to anything during your pitch.

You do best when you get coaching.

I know this to be a fact. Why? Every Olympic Athlete has a coach. Every one of them! I know this because I am the Executive Coach to a sports psychologist who has coached over 100 Olympians – five of them are Gold Medalists.

Here’s the Insight about Connecting to Investors’ Subconscious Mind:

They’re testing you. Every question. Every look at your body language. The sound of your voice. Your word choice. It all Builds Trust or it breaks trust.

Working with my clients, I ask: “Are you building trust or are you breaking trust?”

I launched PitchPowerFest.com because I’m already coaching private clients to make their vision come true.

Now it’s time to help even more people make things happen.

Right now, I’ll share with you three important methods.

  1. “Keep Score and Achieve More.”

Keep a log of how many times you rehearse your pitch (including having sessions of practice for Tough Questions).

  1. Rehearse to Engage Your Subconscious Mind

In my recent speech at Stanford University, as I addressed Stanford PhDs and PhD-candidates, I emphasized that it’s best to rehearse early in the day (even just 3 minutes before you brush your teeth), so your subconscious mind works on your pitch all day.

  1. “Make Victory Blossom from the Ashes of Disappointment”

So you made a pitch and it failed. How do you know? Do you have a check in your hand?

Take the energy of sadness or even irritation, and Use It. Get coaching. Change your approach. Make something happen. Call more prospects and more people who could give your referrals.

This phrase “Make Victory Blossom from the Ashes of Disappointment” arose in my mind some time ago. It has been a tool for me to take more and better action.

My friend, I invite you to pick your “mantra” or “get in action” phrase to empower your next, effective action.


* See my new book Year of Awesome! How You Can Use 12 Success Principles including 10 Seconds to Wealth  (CLICK HERE to look inside the book)

Tom Marcoux
CEO (leading teams in United Kingdom, India and USA)

Speaker-author of 40 books (with free chapters on Amazon.com )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Time Management Secrets the Rich Won’t Tell You (See more when you CLICK HERE )
1.8 min. video (on YouTube): Tom Marcoux pulls back the curtain about how his directing a feature film that went to Cannes Film market helps with “Building Your Brand”:
Author of Connect: High Trust Communication for Your Success in Business and Life (See more when you CLICK HERE )

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