Your Breakthrough Pitch, Speech or Presentation: Overcome 3 Deadly Mistakes and Succeed

After a significant amount of undersea swimming, Tom Marcoux endured cramps in both legs.

What’s worse, when swimming in the ocean, than a cramp in your left leg? I found out. A cramp in both legs! How am I still alive? My sweetheart pulled me into shore. I helped by swimming with my arms — so she wasn’t alone in saving my life. Still, my legs were no help.

Many of us approach the need to give the best speech or sales presentation in our lives like we have cramps in both legs. I’m using cramps as a metaphor for what shuts you down. The “cramps” include the obstacles: Fear, procrastination, and the perception of rehearsal as a bad chore.

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Additionally, this relates to the 3 Deadly Mistakes centered on No Time, No Rehearsal, No Pretesting.

What does this boil down to? — No coaching.

The good news is: I can serve as your coach here.

Here are the 3 Deadly Mistakes:

1) No Time (Mistake: I’ll just procrastinate and do something at the last minute.)

2) No Rehearsal (Mistake: I’ll just have a few notes and talk off the cuff.)

3) No Pretesting (Mistake: I’ll just wing it. I know what I’m talking about.)

When I was in the ocean, the cramps made my legs nonfunctional. The 3 Deadly Mistakes cramp your ability to do what’s necessary to speak powerfully and inspire people to say Yes to you.

Here are 3 Methods so You Can Rapidly Improve and Make Your Breakthrough Speech or Presentation:

1. Use a Streamlined Process for Rapid Improvement (Solution to “No Time”)

I advise my clients to rehearse for 9 minutes-a-day over several days. This yields better results than cramming all the rehearsal into one night-before, 3-hour session. Why? Because the multiple sessions engage your subconscious mind. Have the 9-minute session early so your subconscious mind works on the material all day long. Additionally, have brief phone calls with friends and say, “Can I practice the opening one minute of my speech with you?”

In my work as the Spoken Word Strategist, my focus is on a Streamlined Process. With a coach like me, you have someone who can ask the right questions that help you find your best material faster.

2. Use “Directed Rehearsal” (Solution to “No Rehearsal”)

Many of us fall into a “default” of rerunning a bad memory in our thoughts. If you were embarrassed when speaking in a high school class, it’s easy for your brain to rerun that failure. I call this bad pattern Default Rehearsal. The brain falls into the default pattern.

Instead, I introduce my clients to Directed Rehearsal. I guide my clients in the process of putting in New Conditioned Responses. These New Conditioned Responses overwrite the default patterns. Research shows that, under stress, people fall back into the default settings. However, when you have New Conditioned Responses, you are freed of the old, painful default settings.

One method (among many) is to preplan two answers for each “worst question” you might get. I guide my clients to have two answers for the 10 Worst Questions. My clients rehearse their answers in response to my questions. They develop an inner-knowing that they are well-prepared.

I look on this preparation for the 10 Worst Questions as a way to avoid the “cramp” that can torpedo a great presentation.

One reason people fail to rehearse effectively is that fear arises when rehearsing. Such fear often leads to procrastination. Why? Because even thinking about the speech can lead to pain and more fear. Instead, as a client works with me, we are able to move forward fast. I’m there so the client feels real support.

3. Use a “Discovery-Rehearsal Process” (Solution to “No Pretesting”)

How do you know if your material is going to sound natural? The solution is to speak your words aloud to someone you select carefully. A coach can be helpful because the coach only has your success as his or her agenda. Friends and family members can have their own agendas.

Pretesting is crucial. We pretest how your material comes across to a test audience. Additionally, we pretest what language you express feels authentic inside you.

I guide my clients through a Discovery-Rehearsal Process. By rehearsing parts of your speech or presentation, you uncover the language that is most compelling and that feels most natural coming from you.

What can put a “cramp” into your speech? Certain family members or friends will not have the capability to support you. I have a particular family member who has no capability to be supportive. Years ago, I realized that talking to this person was the place where good ideas go to die.

Instead, I developed a circle of people for helpful guidance. For one particular pitch, I rehearsed with 12 different individuals in separate phone conversations. I devoted a total of 25 rehearsals. I realize that many people will not go to that level of preparation. That’s why having a coach can save you so much time. My background as a feature film director has given me experience to draw out a great presentation from my client.

In summary, we talked about three major mistakes that center on No Time, No Rehearsal and No Pretesting.

We covered these Solutions:

1. Use a Streamlined Process for Rapid Improvement
2. Use “Directed Rehearsal”
3. Use a Discovery-Rehearsal Process

You’ll discover how you’re able to get more done in less time. You’ll have ways to make breakthroughs in your communication and your work life.

The best to you.

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